Our Financial Advisors

Our financial advisors believe in providing one-on-one, face-to-face service in the privacy and conveniences of our office. They take your needs and goals seriously and offer a plan that is right for you, in language that you understand. Even after your appointment, you can count on your financial advisor to provide portfolio reviews on a regular basis and answers to future questions and concerns.

Talk to the CEO


Send your quesitons or inquiries of investments worldwide today. Serious inquiries will receive serious attention and if required an online video confernece will be suggested. 


Call us today 214-477-4813 or email us at info@mpowerholdings.com to book an appointment.


M Power Holdings has successfully evolved as an active investor and manager of strategically selected companies throughout the world. From luxury brands and real estate to real to entertainment and technology we play an active role in our investments to ensure a sound return. Our extensive knowledge of business processes and management systems is the reason we are able to design and implement solutions that are made to specifically meet the mission, goals, and objectives of our clients. Our approach is described by our clients as being comprehensive, progressive, risk-driven, integrative, collaborative, coordinated, flexible, creative, and professional. M Power Holdings has three companies in our portfolio with plans to add more top notch companies. BellaGeneration Hair System of Dallas, Texas and Be RAD Cosmetics of Miami, Florida.