Spanning over several decades, Rikki’s career has afforded him to work in so many diverse capacities as publicist, media relations specialist, digital strategist, social media management, artist management, stage production management, sales, talent booking and music programing.  Rikki is a specialist the art of digital strategies and managing the brands of his clients via the digital space. One of Rikki’s greatest strengths is his ability to engage with others and create lifelong connections that deliver.  Creative Juice Online focuses on the growing evolution of digital communications for companies in areas of social media platform, integration, amplification of their brand and message. 

After several meetings with Miriam Marsh Sifutentes, CEO of BellaGeneration Hair System, where he was informed a new vegan, organic, chemical free, all in one women’s shampoo was being created, Rikkiwas offered a partner/equity opportunity to head the Digital | Events as Vice-President of the company of the start up company to which he accepted. Rikki is now Vice-President}Partner of the new BellaGeneration Hair System company, based in Addison, Texas as he works in his remote office in Florida. Rikki handles day to day operations in areas of all things digital, from social media, website creative, blog, media, celebrity, influencer relations to planning and execution of events nationwide. In 2018 our team began seeking out other companies to form strategic partnerships with and after meeting and seeing the wonderful work on startup cosmetics company, our M Power Holdings team formed a strategic business partnership with Be RAD Cosmetics based in Miami, Florida, as seen in Forbes, Vouge, Pop Sugar,, Huda, Vegan News and many more.